Revolutionize Generational Wealth Transfer

HeirWealth is a cutting-edge wealth management platform designed to facilitate seamless intergenerational wealth transfer. Built on a robust microservices architecture using .NET and React, HeirWealth offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services tailored to meet the unique needs of families looking to preserve and grow their wealth across generations. By integrating with leading financial data providers, HeirWealth offers real-time insights into market trends, investment opportunities, and portfolio performance.


React, Typescript, .NET, C#, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenBanking, Stripe, Java, Micronaut, AI Integration




Enterprise System Build

HeirWealth is more than just a wealth management platform—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to empower families to build, manage, and transfer wealth across generations. With its advanced features, robust architecture, and commitment to security and compliance, HeirWealth sets the standard for modern wealth management platforms.

1. The need

Family Wealth Tracking

Currently, families lack a user-friendly system for managing their wealth. People juggle between spreadsheets, cloud storage, and accounting software, making it cumbersome to record assets, store documents, track value, and define ownership. This complexity often leads people to neglect wealth management altogether.

Generational Wealth Transfer

Wealth advisors struggle to engage the next generation of inheritors, potentially losing clients when wealth transfers occur.

2. The solution

We collaborate with Morpheus Wealth on HeirWealth - a wealth management tool that offers the following features to help you track, organise, and manage your wealth:

Collaborative Wealth Management

HeirWealth enables collaboration between family members, financial advisors, and other stakeholders, fostering transparency and alignment in wealth management strategies.

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Secure Data Management

User-Friendly Interface

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